Contact us to find a vendor program suited to your specific needs.

Vendor programs

Give your customers one more reason to say, "Yes!"
Direct Funding Corporationís vendor programs make it easy for you to offer alternative financing and value-added service.

Partnering with Direct Funding means you can remain competitive and provide your customers with "One Stop Shopping."

  • Fast point-of-sale financing
  • Equipment at all price points that easily fit into their budget
  • Smaller, more manageable monthly payments on the equipment they need now
  • The latest technology with flexible upgrade options so they can trade-up instead of being stuck with obsolete equipment.

Whatís more, by offering lease financing your funds are advanced expeditiously upon your customer signing the lease and accepting the equipment. That means being paid on time and reduced administrative hassles of managing monthly invoices and accounts receivables.

Add one more option to your sales process. Contact us and find out how we can help you grow your business and increase your customers' satisfaction.

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