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Why lease?

Direct Funding Corporation can help you take your business to the next level!

Leasing is one of the smartest business decisions you can make. Direct Funding allows you the flexibility to:

  Keep your cash in the business

A lease allows you to keep your working capital invested in the business instead of being tied up in a depreciating asset. With low monthly payments and no large down payment, you can make money with the money you save!

  Preserve your bank credit lines

Save your credit line for current assets like accounts receivables or inventory. Leasing can increase your borrowing power so your business can maintain its strong, short-term operating requirements while keeping your bank line free for emergencies or other opportunities.

  Increase your revenues

Lease financing makes equipment upgrades and new technology affordable so you can acquire the tools and products you need to stay competitive. Since lease payments may be considered a business expense, the additional revenue you will generate from the newer equipment means the financing charges can be paid from the profits you will make.

  Save time

Leasing your equipment is simple and convenient. With flexible lease terms and easy-to-understand documentation, a simple application form is usually all that is required to start the process.

Direct Funding provides you with the financial tools that make good business sense.
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